The way you transition through your divorce will have an enormous impact on your life and the lives of your children for years to come. At this time of significant change in your life, it's essential that you receive proper guidance from professionals who care.

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Our team of divorce attorneys, financial experts and divorce coaches are experienced in a process called Collaborative Divorce. It is a less adversarial approach to divorce aimed at helping you to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to complete your divorce
  • Better Co-parent your children after the divorce
  • Secure your finances for the future
  • Have more control over the outcome
  • Move on with your life
If you live in Tucson or Southern Arizona and are looking for a better approach to divorce, please call us today to schedule a free consultation. (520-881-7500)

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How Collaborative Divorce Works: Watch This Video

Clients Control the Outcome

Collaborative Divorce is a process through which divorcing partners define their own unique solutions assisted and advised by their own attorney.

Full and Private Disclosure

The Collaborative Divorce process requires full and open disclosure by the parties of all information relevant to reaching a comprehensive divorce solution, undertaken in a private environment which encourages full participation by the parties in designing their divorce solution.

Team of Trained Professionals

Collaborative Divorce offers a team of trained professionals who work together to enhance the future of the divorcing parties and family.

Putting Children First

Collaborative Divorce includes innovative approaches to putting children first by focusing on their needs, creating workable parenting plans and helping diminish the often difficult side effects of divorce on children.

Divorce with Dignity and Respect

Collaborative Divorce offers divorcing partners the opportunity to retain dignity and respect while cooperatively working toward a resolution best suited to their unique circumstances.


The Value of Neutral Financial Professionals in Divorce

“It’s never just about the money.” That is a common phrase amongst professionals who work with people in conflict. Money is certainly a critical piece of many of not most negotiations of any kind and certainly this is true in divorces. read more...

Is your Spouse Hiding Assets?

Hiding assets during a divorce is sneaky, unethical and illegal –but it happens much more frequently than most people think. read more...

Understanding Community Property

Arizona is one of nine community property states in the United States. The others are California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Community property can only exist if there is a valid marriage between the parties. Under Arizona law, unless the parties have entered into a pre-marital (or post-marital) written agreement, all property accumulated during the marriage is community property, except property acquired by way of a gift or through inheritance. In effect then it is the earnings of each party during the marriage that make up most of the community property. read more...

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